Battle of Gallipoli – Chapter 11

On May 6, the role of the British and French forces in the offensive plan was also determined. Sea orders were given on the evening of May 5 for this mission and the battleships would be divided into two parts to support the operation. Swiftsure, Cornwallis, Implacable and Lord Nelson were the main bombers of the battle ships, and they would act according to the circumstances of the developing conditions, according to the work to be taken from the artillery command at Aytepe. Agamemnon, another battleship, was tasked with harassing the Turkish gunmen on the Anatolian side with a plane that would manage their shooting. On the right side of the French region, they were assigned as a combat ship to be thrown into the Bosphorus and as flank ships to make side shots to four cruiser regions to be located on the Aegean side. Due to the critical and tiring support of the water sup- port for entering the Bosphorus for the French region, three ships were separated to replace each other in this area. From the ships on the Aegean side, Dublin would be to the farther north and watch the Turkish fire near Alçitepe open fire. When these fires were observed, an important position to be detected was to be bombed. Again Sapphire, one of the ships to serve on this side, would support the brigade that will move forward in this flank, lying very close to the left flank. To the north of Saritepe, two other ships, Talbot and Minerva, will observe a Turkish infantry group that will pass through open rubbing north and northwest of Alçtepe and north of the main back, or focuses on their shots when a Turkish battle is detected in these regions.

The commencement of the general strike on May sixth, when the British and French powers will manage the southern end of the Gallipoli Peninsula, has started. In the last phases of the work, for example, the gathering of fortifications, their association and the arrangement of their places, The British 29th Division Command, after the operations orders got from the Commander-in-Chief, offered requests to the officers of the troops on May fifth, at 4 am, on May 5, for their troops under the heading “Arrange No. 4 Operation”. It was unmistakably demonstrated by these imprints on which parts of the union, on which part and on which course, will proceed onward the maps set apart with the letters and numbers on the hands of the union leaders. These requests, requested in material terms, spoke to an association of operations that would proceed in three stages. With the points of interest of the requests being taken, a noteworthy operation was made arrangements for the second time after April 28th. Understanding powers, which needed to manage the Turkish hostile some time recently, were no longer ready to endure the deferral after the keep going Turkish attack on May third, and the Turkish side was not any more startling to grab the Alçitepe before taking the new fortifications and expanding their quality. It was important to go to the outcome in these minutes when it was superseded by the number.

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