Occasions in the Dardanelles War

Occasions in the Dardanelles War

There was a major night assault on May third in Seddülbahir. Systems will work, no shots will listen. Just the supply, the wipes will work impossible targets. That was the charge of the administrator of the Seddulbahir locale. They would likewise begin to flame after the two batteries had gone to the infantry knife charge to exploit the obscurity close to the adversary. From the seventh division weapon, the first battery was progressing through the Çakalçeşme-Seddülbahir to achieve this assignment by boring the haziness.

Battery administrator Lieutenant Sir was in the head. From that point forward, the sergeant Sait came to him. They were all going on horseback. The battery was watching them once more. Incidentally, the projectiles that the foe tossed were humming.

These shots likewise demonstrated that they were moving toward the cutting edges. The light blade drove by the foe spikes bumbled into one place. Once these lights of the foe come into the combat zone, who knows what number of balls, what number of slugs would be inescapable to rain on them. The battery administrator is exceptionally casual because of these worries.

Something got your consideration. Sait Sergeant, who needed to fight against eminent loss, approached the front of him. The uneven strolls were exhausted. Nonetheless, Sait Sergeant dependably strolled frequently in a way that commanded his stallion. Sait Sergeant, who needed to instruct him to have a shot twice or something like that, said that he shot his foot each time he apologized.

So the position was come to. The infantry was off-snare. The battery has got done with running. Be that as it may, in the morning, Sait Çavuşun stood up increasingly. I couldn’t walk. At long last, he requested the battery authority Sait Çavuşa to remove his stomach.

It was comprehended that Sait Çavuşun was injured. Amid the night walk, Mr. Sait meandered into the side where the projectiles came and shrouded himself against his administrator, and notwithstanding amid that time he was shot, and the plot was made to strike … What a sincere duty, a high dedication …

Fevzi Lighter in Gallipoli Wars

Fevzi Pasha, Commander of the V. Corps, went to the battle on August sixth and August thirteenth, 1915. Fevzi Pasha’s order XIII. What’s more, XIV. The divisions did not join the fight, but rather since July 21, they have gone to the front, supplanting the well used and tired old divisions, with the exception of Division I. Also, on the entry of the Second Army Division in the area (Cereviz Dere-Zığın Dere) VI. Furthermore, VII. The divisions were sent to Saros Gurubun.

The adversary was wanting to take Alçıtepe toward assaults in Kirte course.

Upon the arrival of August 6, the adversary assaulted Arıburnu-Conkbayırı locale! Lair VIII. Also, IV. Vehip Pasha, who is not happy with the divisions, likewise sent the 41st and 28th Regiments, which are the most recent safety measures of the Corps under the summon of V. Corps ordered by Vevzi Pasha on August ninth.

These two regiments sent to the locale kept Chunkhbandi from assuming control over the foe.

On December 10, 1915, Fevzi Pasha was appointed to the fifth Army Corps Command as an extra assignment, with the Vekilliği obligation as the authority of the Anafartalar Group.

Fevzi Çakmak would be the main marshal of the Turkish Republic armed force after Mustafa Kemal.

From 1924 to 1944, the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey would be directed for a quarter century.

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