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It was toward the beginning of March of the time of 1915. At the point when the peril began, it was the time we moved drive to Gallipoli. Meanwhile, in the eleventh Division, it was moved from Balıkesir to Gallipoli. The route to the division was from Havran-Edremit-Ezine. On the primary day of the walk, 33th Alay will remain in Havran.

The front assignment, which comprised of a few officers with bosses, was in Havran a couple of hours back. This was an extremely adorable town with individuals, air, and water.

Officers and headmen of the town meet Headman. They needed the military to be facilitated in the houses. The climate was entirely icy. It was important to move a little in a rush.

Then, the town delegates were getting some information about the circumstance of the troopers and the words about the convenience appeared to overwhelm it as “simple”. The state of mind of the officers against these individuals, who were in the position of demonstrating their hosts, was likewise exceptionally kind. Kah veler, syrups were plastered; But the convenience business was not fixing to an outcome. At last, the taunting request officer uncovered the matter of convenience correctly.

– How hurried are you, the chairman inquired:

– How long have you been? Officer of the Order: – Close to three. The chairman asked once more:

– Good. What number of pets do you have?

Up to – 150,

– How much do you have?

– There are 50.

The Headmen who achieved the solace of the heart were articulated:

– We were at that point so figured. 40 sheep cut off, will sear. The rice was cooked for 5 hours, 4 slows down were emptied, cleaned. The officers’ positions are prepared. Thank heavens there is no irresistible sickness, no creature illness in the town. Something else you need, sir?

The supreme officer expressed gratitude toward

The individuals who heard that the fighters were headed went to the town room. The front assignment isolated the boulevards into derision troops. Wellsprings and creature water system spots were checked. The houses were seen. The leader stood the roads.

That it was so natural to put an officer’s country in the opportune place to do the settlement business.

Union came. It was put. Soldier was invited. Officers were given supper throughout the night. Toward the finish of the feast first Batur Emir Officer

Lieutenant Sukru got authorization. The legion went to see the settlement for the last time.

With regards to a place like a square, the elderly, the wand the two strands of a twisted ninen have in one hand, the other

He saw that he was amazing with his electric lamp. Perhaps he could have an offer assistance:

– What, what are you meandering around this place, what’s going on with you?

The old man halted. The leader reacted by conveying the electric lamp nearer to his officer’s face:

– I’m searching for my children.

The lieutenant asked once more:

Which children?

It was planned to see an officer before Nine. He answered with an unsteady voice:

– Which children will I have? Obviously, obviously. I would come to me 9 days prior. Despite everything, they’re not here. I pondered. I’m searching for them to be out in the open. Discover the child.

This old man’s eyes loaded with a feeling of fine accommodation. He let me know nobody was outside. Be that as it may, the lady was disheartened. Because his visitors did not come. The lieutenant found a cure.

The force’s central command expelled a couple of the mews that were not yet sleeping. He sent them to the place of the honorable disapproved, rather than the troopers who were in the military.

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