Gallipoli Victory Stories; Five Volunteers


5 volunteers were sent to Aladdin in 21st of Redivider of Seddülbahir and in late June. These were very old, out of military administration. The wars in Gallipoli, these five elderly youngsters, couldn’t sit in their homes. To join the war, they originated from the Black Sea drift. Was not the officer’s quarry, the elderly, open to popular supposition?

This is a genuine yearning for the charge, did not come up to Zone 1. He said to the officer of the organization: “We should utilize these systems in light work, for example, disclosure, security. Your hearts are welcome. ”

Five volunteers were dressed, encompassed.

Officer garments were likewise. They transformed, they got more youthful. Indeed, they were old, yet their hearts were youthful. As a 40-year-old trooper, they used to be fronts for a brief timeframe. Troops go ahead, sit tight for the seizure and join the attacks. They contended with youthful companions in each business. The foe projectile that did not separate the youthful from the old, got one and after that the other. Hakka met in the skirmish of Kerevizdere.

The clash of celery was consummation. He was there, however consistently there was common fire, strikes, tense air. This battle, which was unwavering, pestered the three residual volunteers. They needed a more forceful war. One day, they went out to the squadron officer.

They needed a predominant part with an incredible request. It’s a hard employment. He needed to relax. Be that as it may, the authority of the organization did not earnestly wish these valiant men. He stated, “Okay.”

He gave them the main attack.

It was a night in mid-July. Three other volunteer wedges and different bombs are taking bombs and sinking into the dimness after 12 pm. Presently the entire division was in the ear, it was these three most loved companions. It’s been a while. A quarter-hour hush tore a bomb blast at 3 o’clock. At that point, the adversary’s weapons were abruptly all of a sudden overflowing with the shoot. It resembles the finish of the day. It took 15 minutes, it didn’t last, the old hush continued. The squadrons were stressed. It was practically going to cry. After that, it is harder to return.

It was not very late at any rate. Oblivious, a human figure was taken note. It was the Ünyeli Riza . There was likewise a substantial assault rifle on his back. The others were not noticeable.

The assent gave the accompanying answer: “We entered the adversary’s trench. We bounced into the substantial obligation opening. The soldier was at gunpoint. It’s a great deal of impact. I got four pigs all alone record. Companions fell saints, did not bring detainees, this automatic weapon.

I brought.”

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