Gallipoli Victory Stories

In Kerevizdere, an incredible forward trench, which the adversary had made before the brigade, was touching the force nerves as the prepared mainland. Indeed, even the division leader stated, “Demonstrate the bravery of the foe before Step 2 … Unusual thing!” It was important to obliterate this request, to destroy it.

The skipper, in discussion with the brigade officer, stated, “We have washed this request, yet we need to give up a couple of my most chose fighters.”

Omeroglu Nasuh, an unobtrusive officer who listened to these expressions of the skipper, stated, “I will obliterate this request, you give me my companions whom I need, commander!” When he was permitted, he promptly started arrangements.

It was exceptionally dull around evening time. The truncated voices of firearms shot by the foe tore the dim haziness encompassing the bumpers. Nasuh Onbaşı; Mehmet child Mustafa, Abraham’s child Hussein, and Mehmet’s child Abdurrahman.

After fifteen minutes, the voices of the 4-5 hand bombs in the adversary’s fence listened. At that point, the hints of the battle started to come. The adversary, who was ignorant of the assault, was tossing astounded shots, unfit ball, and mortar rounds.

Everybody was sitting tight for Nasuh Corporal and his companions. At long last, news originated from the seventh Division. Nasuh Corporal had done the request by returning. In any case, he was distant from everyone else. His companions Mustafa, Hussein and Abdurrahman were martyred together.

Chief; “Companions are an awesome cure for every one of us,” he said. The Commander of the Division, praising the contingent and wearing the “Hassock Star” engagement with Nasuh Onbaşı’s bosom in his own hand. Nasuh Onbaşı, who said that he had done his obligations just with Mert and a respectable eda, after four days (29 July 1915), Nasuh Onbaşı would win the rank of “affliction”, his most noteworthy positions.

Lieutenant who ends up out of arms

“45. Regiment I was the eighth Division second Team Commander. On April 17, 1915, we touched base at Akbas Port with our servant. We spent April 18 in the olive forest around Maydos. On the second of April, the entire division was assembled in Soğanlı Dere.

At 07.00 am, Commander of the Division, Miralay Sukru Bey, requested the regimental leaders and unit authorities to give the vital requests. Contingent Commander Ismail Hakkı Bey has reported that the strengths of the adversary have been broken from the flames made since the two days and that they will be assaulted by the foe today evening time and filled the ocean with the support of Hakk.

He said that the regiments one next to the other, the contingents and the divisions will move in the profound arm position, that the hand will be activated as greatly as could be expected under the circumstances, and when requested, the blade will join with the following seeker line and assault the adversary.

We arranged for this request and advanced at 09.00. When we returned behind the tree, the shots and shrapnel started to feel their nearness. Adversary Bertik Hill had a savage mounted guns discharge.

The “yacht” was requested. The Battalion Commander requested the pike to converge with the chasing ship later on. Group 1 emerges. I tailed him with Team Two. At every hop, we broke numerous adversary cadavers and we bounced in two trenches.

At long last, the last time I took the positions to the warriors, a gunnery slug hit me in the lower part of the arm and seriously hurt me. I conveyed the group to Sergeant. Two gallant troopers took me to the dressing territory between their arms. I was instantly sent to Kilitbahir Hastanesi after I had been hung up keeping in mind the end goal to stop the blood in Soğanlı Dere.

When I opened my eyes I ended up in bed without sleeves. I was ameliorated by the way that I resulted in these present circumstances country. From that point, I was sent to Istanbul.

At Zeynep Kamil Hospital in Üsküdar, I was treated with care and sympathy.

My soul charged me not to be vacant when I felt the old quality in my body. I needed an administration necessity. I have been allocated to the Office of the Chief of Staff.

I am presently there. I am pleased with my force and my energetic nationality and give up for the hallowed nation.


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