The Higher Spirit That Gives The Gallipoli Victory

The Higher Spirit in Gallipoli Victory

Assault Against Anzacs

The progenitors of the 57th Regiment, unbelievable to the Anzac, were the nineteenth Division. The nineteenth Division comprised of Regions 57, 72 and 77 and was situated in the Bigali town as save compel. At the point when the foe came to the back of Ariburnu, he was reluctant to act promptly.

ninth Division authority, Colonel Halil Sami Bey, told Colonel Mustafa Kemal that the foe had returned to the of Arbiruu and quickly a brigade officer must be sent to this zone. Mustafa Kemal, a minister who did not discover enough pieces of information for this undertaking, chose that a coalition would be more proper.

The unbelievable parade of the war moved from Bigali to Conkbayiri within the sight of the 57th regiment and a mountain ordnance battery. At the point when Colonel Mustafa Kemal achieved Conkbayiri, he met with warriors pulling back from Düztepe.

Recollections of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Mustafa Kemal depicted this occasion as takes after:

“Why are you fleeing from the withdrawing troopers? I said.

– Sir, they were adversaries.

– Where?

They demonstrated to me the 261-section of the land slope.

To be sure, a seeker’s line of the foe moved toward the 261-section of land slope and strolled openly forward. Since I think about the circumstance, I have left my powers, so that the fighters can rest for ten minutes …

The foe has resulted in these present circumstances slope …

So the foe is blazing me more than my troopers, and if the adversary draws close to where I am, my strengths will endure a terrible news. At that point, I don’t have a clue about that any longer, is it a sensible thinking talk or nature?

With the withdrawing officers,

I said the adversary is great.

– We didn’t have the ammo, they said.

– I said on the off chance that you don’t have an ammo, you have a spirit.

What’s more, yelling at them blades, I gave them a request. I stored it once. These officers set down and the foe warriors set down. This is the minute we win … ”

57th Regiment Participates in the War

In the interim, the adversary dithered and the troopers from the 57th Alaya took part in the fight.

Therefore of this first allegation, the Dardanelles

Giving the chance to control the establishment of the protection of Gallipoli had established the framework. From that point on, the 57th Alaya gave the renowned summon, the otherworldly synopsis of the Gallipoli War.

“I don’t order you to assault, I summon you to kick the bucket. Amid the time we will kick the bucket, different strengths, and different leaders may assume control over our place. ”

57. As the regiment troops counterattacked, the Anzac assaults on Conkbayiri were ceased. Mustafa Kemal wrote in the journals of the high most profound sense of being of the troopers on the forefront:

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