Nusrat Mine Ship

Information about Nusrat Mine Ship The Nusret Mine Ship is one of the symbols that comes to mind when it is called the Gallipoli Battle. At the same time, it is the world’s most famous mine-laying ship in this.
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War Preparations of the Ottoman Empire

War Preparations Begin Following the bombing of Russian ports by Goeben and Breslau’s vessels participating in the Ottoman Navy, British ships began bombarding Ottoman tablets, which were stationed in the Dardanelles Strait to retaliate on 3 November 1914. After.
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Anzac Troops on the Way to Gallipoli

Anzac Associations are Coming Britain and France believed that the key to unlocking the World War I knot was the Dardanelles. For this purpose, they had buried their new fleet in their throat waters. They used the ships to.
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Gallipoli Campaign Begins

Facade Opening The fact that the Ottoman Empire actually entered the war brought great discomfort to England and France. The fact that the Bosphorus was closed meant that the Entente States had to be disconnected from Russia. “Jihad-i Ekber,”.
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Reasons of 1915 Gallipoli Wars

The Gallipoli War was the sea and land battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente Powers in the Gallipoli Peninsula between 1915 and 1916 during World War I. Entente States; They entered the Dardanelles Straits as their first.
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