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Gallipoli War is Important, Because ?

Also, the relentless convictions and convictions of the tenants of the hearts of the individuals who made and molded the occasions that formed history; For the purpose of “country”, “banner”, “religion”, and in the event that they exist, the.
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A Historical Perspective on the Gallipoli Coast

Historical Perspective on the Gallipoli Coast In response to all these and similar struggles, the most important thing that we should not forget is that we have a common past filled with very important events; “It is the strategic.
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War Preparations of the Ottoman Empire

War Preparations Begin Following the bombing of Russian ports by Goeben and Breslau’s vessels participating in the Ottoman Navy, British ships began bombarding Ottoman tablets, which were stationed in the Dardanelles Strait to retaliate on 3 November 1914. After.
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