A Historical Perspective on the Gallipoli Coast

Historical Perspective on the Gallipoli Coast

In response to all these and similar struggles, the most important thing that we should not forget is that we have a common past filled with very important events; “It is the strategic value of the Turkish nation that it has the geography of which it lives on and has never diminished or even increased in its history.”
Perhaps it is because of the strategic value that we can not adequately evaluate, that we must be fully aware that the people who are connected with the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey today are all entrusted with our minds, our conscience, and our hands. Otherwise; We may not have much time to realize what we are going to lose in the future.

Historical Perspective on the Gallipoli Coast

For this reason, the words of the person who founded the Republic of Turkey and which constitute the philosophy of establishment constitute the basic theories of national politics at the same time, as well as the reasons for the existence of this state. At the beginning of the aforementioned fundamental theories is the principle of “Peace at home, peace in the world”, which means that this statement is expressed for the Turkish nation who knows the mercilessness of war very well.
Of course “peace”; Humanity is able to solve all kinds of problems and get ready for refinement. However, on one condition; Provided that the concept of “peace” is genuinely demanding of everyone in the world. If the intention of others is to keep a struggle against you in various ways, it is not possible for you to remain in a distant position to stand in a corner and say, “I am in favor of peace,” and wait for your decisions to be named.
But the issue is; At any moment “to be or not to be,” we have to understand some processes that we think are buried. Has; Because the existence of the Turkish nation has been tested with various assaults directed against him in almost every period of history. From these tests, the only way we can pass easily by taking the necessary lessons from our past fathers, so that we can continue our existence as a whole; The Turkish nation knows very well what conditions it exposes to the Republic of Turkey, the greatest of the works it has created with its common stakeholders.

Then; Before reviewing the Battle of the Dardanelles and touring the battlefields that have witnessed one of the bloodiest events in our history, I would once again evaluate the historical process that has developed to this point in the turning point and which dates back to the Gallipoli coasts in 1915. Those living in this process tell us something about the Dardanelles, the conditions of these battles, our present and our future, if not a little “think” …

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